This is a comprehensive “world book” detailing the planet Atreysa, including notes on the solar system in which it exists. Languages, sentient races, flora, fauna, geography, politics, governments, religions, beliefs, magic, mythology, folklore, tales, legends, histories, and events spanning thousands of years will be recorded over time. The primary languages used in order to maintain consistency will be English and Trajan; names of specific people, deities, etc. will most likely be given in the language the name originates from. In many cases, if a name in a particular language (other than Trajan) has become widely used by non-native speakers (and especially if the name is used even by those who don’t know the language at all), the name will be given first in that language, with a Trajan or English equivalent provided.

This is a fictional world which has been growing, expanding, changing, warping, and taking on a life of its own for more than a decade. I’m recording everything here in order to organize it all, and especially to pull together everything I’ve been working on and developing for so long. Much of what I’ve created and developed has been all in my head, only disparate bits jotted down and the occasional image or map taking shape during a particularly energetic moment. The information is collected on pages rather than in posts; in time, I may begin actually posting, especially as I work out new ideas or work out the details of old ones.


Solar System
Other Planets
Atreysa (“the world”)
Eshon (“home of the Dragons”)
Sutiherin (“southern birthplace”)
Kividan (“resting place of the stars”)
Dijadija (“heart of the earth”)
Languages – Trajan & Extinct1
Writing Systems – limited use2

1 Trajan is not actually extinct, but the Trajev were nearly wiped out when two neighboring countries (west and southeast) decided almost simultaneously that these traveling collectors of information, knowledge, and learning were rather too dangerous to allow them to continue collecting all that in one place. The surviving Trajev moved the surviving libraries to one of the few truly safe places in Sutiherin, left it all in the capable hands of the dead, and scattered throughout Sutiherin (some even making the harsh and thought-to-be-impossible journey across the southern continent to Eshon and Dijadija and even Kavidan). They are now merchants, gypsies, entertainers, teachers, couriers, and sometimes a few even take up the life of a mercenary. Anything that allows them to travel and learn new things.

The other languages detailed in this section (each on their own page) are, essentially, extinct as of the “current” year (approximately 7300 years after the emergence/appearance of the first sentient beings, or ~4730 years from the earliest verifiable historical records, according to the Trajan Lore Masters).

2 The writing systems detailed in this section were originally used more extensively, usually for general, every day writing, but have since be marginalized or limited to very specific uses (such as legal documents, magic, or “court hand”, for example). Writing systems that were specifically designed for a limited use, such as runes or the categorization symbols used by the Luek to catalog plants, are detailed in the section regarding the sentient race that devised the system (so the plant-categorizing-symbols of the Luek will be, on their own page, in the section regarding the Luek, although Luekat (the language of the Luek) will be on it’s own, separate, page).

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